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The Cody Cupboard is a community organization not affiliated with the Church of St. Anthony. The following information, provided by the Cupboard, is included here for the convenience of our parishioners.

The Cody Cupboard began providing food on a temporary basis for those in need in March of 1987. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in helping to provide for those in need. Dues of $1.00 are required by our by-laws but only if one wants to be a "voting member." Mainly this entitles the dues-paying members to vote in the election of our seven member Board. Voting is held every February.

The Cupboard meets September through November and then January through May on the 4th Tuesday of the month. The April meeting may be a volunteer appreciation dinner rather than the regular meeting. Presently, we meet at the Sunset House Restaurant in their back room from 11:30AM til 12:30PM. No meetings are held in December when we are busy with our Christmas baskets as well as no meeting from June through August.

There are no office hours per se. We have volunteer scheduled each weekday during business hours (usually 8:30AM ‒ 4:30 or 5PM). The volunteer carries the Cupboard cell phone and is contacted by any referring agency via the phone whenever someone is in need of food assistance. A time for food pick-up will be agreed upon between the volunteer and either the referring party or the client themselves. The Cupboard has no paid employees. All are volunteers. One person takes care of the monthly scheduling of our "food" volunteers. Calendars are sent out before the 1st of each month to all the participating food volunteers as well as some Board members. Some Board members also serve as food volunteers but not all ‒ though most of our Board members are involved in one or more aspects of the operation of the Cupboard.

The Cupboard sponsors one annual Food Drive ‛ usually the 1st Saturday of November. The other major activity (other than handling our day-to-day food calls) is our Christmas basket program usually done over a 2-day period and scheduled about a week before Christmas. The above two activities are also when we look to many in our community for added help.

Areas for Volunteering:

  • Working as a "Food Volunteer" (usually one day/month).
  • A list of trained "substitute" volunteers is maintained so one of these volunteers can step in and cover a shift for another volunteer if they are unable to do so themselves.
  • One volunteer orders food when we need to restock.
  • Other volunteers may help in picking up and unloading these orders.
  • Stocking shelves is another job though many of our food volunteers help with this when they are on call.
  • Other volunteers order items for health kits and make up a number of these kits to have on hand to be given out if needed (when filling a regular food box.)
  • Others help in securing boxes to be used for our day to day calls, our Food Drive as well as for our Christmas boxes.
  • As mentioned before: a lot of folks come and help us with our Food Drive and our Christmas boxes.
  • In the area of public relations, a volunteer may speak to a group about the Cupboard when asked.

Cody Cupboard
P.O. Box 3006
Cody, WY 82414